Recreating History

About John

John Karrys, the son of Greek immigrants, has a passion to spark interest in the Hellenic roots of Western culture. He has published articles on the Greek Diaspora and on the uncertain fate of rural life in Greece.

About Recreativity

Borders are places where transformation occurs. Recreativity is a new social enterprise for individuals seeking personal, social, and creative growth. We offer creative interdisciplinary retreats throughout Greece that allow guests to unlock their creative side in a range of forms, from painting to creative writing, pottery to drama. Effectively, it democratizes the executive retreat experience.

About Gods of Greektown

The Manos brothers are the sons of Greek immigrants living in Toronto. Zach, the eldest, is determined to live the North American dream, complete with a gorgeous wife, a beautiful home and a successful career in high finance. Costa, charismatic and rebellious, has chosen a different path. A high school drop out, he uses his street knowledge to maneuver through life. Zach and Costa are poised to begin their lives as adults when an unexpected knock at the door of the their sprawling suburban home shocks the Manos family into a new reality.

Latest Blog Posts

Symphony of Hope

  I have a new addiction; I may need an intervention. I can’t stop reading travel writer Rachel Howard. The last time I had an addiction of this intensity was when…

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Embracing Recreativity

    After Gods of Greektown, it has been important to me to continually evolve and escape self-made silos.  To feel confident that I can produce something new I had…

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Why Techie Hipsters are Less than Zero

Last week I went to a Salesforce world tour event in Toronto. The presentations were persuasive and enjoyable. All the presenters were extremely likable. I expected to have fun, and I did.…

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