Symphony of Hope


I have a new addiction; I may need an intervention. I can’t stop reading travel writer Rachel Howard. The last time I had an addiction of this intensity was when I first read David Sedaris. David Sedaris makes me laugh so hard, and so often. He knocks me out page after page, and he has helped me discover new places to laugh in my interior universe. He’s a healer. When I tried to read passages from Me Talk Pretty One Day to my wife, I just couldn’t start because my laughter was hurting so good and in so many new places. When I went to see him live in concert I knew I was looking at a modern reincarnation of Mark Twain.  However, if I had a choice to see a book talk on the same day between Rachel Howard or David Sedaris I would still choose Rachel Howard.

Right now, travel writers like her are the Lara Croft/Wonder Woman trailblazers. They have the magnificent ability to painlessly transform someone’s micro digital silo existence into many analog realities. Meaning, writers like her help people relearn how to engage with the full spectrum of their senses in a fun and holistic way. I get a major charge when reading her work. It’s fun and I can’t get enough.  It would not be a hyperbole to say it’s like rediscovering electricity. Not only has she introduced fresh, optimistic lenses when looking at Greece, in contrast to another favorite writer of mine, Michael Lewis, but she has begun the process of a new foundation for lasting hopeByron is smiling somewhere at this moment because Greece will finally be free. That’s right, a single article, or book can still be the most effective technology for social change. For me, This is it.

Leaders all over the world need to study travel writers like Rachel Howard. Writers like her bring holistic wellness to our perceptions on so many fundamental levels that need to be incorporated into everybody’s mental, intellectual and emotional landscapes. Artists like her can teach anyone in any industry something more when it comes to introspection. She is an example of the remarkable intersection between Art and Travel. What matters more is that artists like her exist everywhere and are the real entrepreneurs that the world should be paying attention to.

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