Borders are places where transformation occurs. Recreativity is a new social enterprise for individuals seeking personal, social, and creative growth. We offer creative interdisciplinary retreats throughout Greece that allow guests to unlock their creative side in a range of forms, from painting to creative writing, pottery to drama. Effectively, it democratizes the executive retreat experience.

Recreativity’s mission is to reignite a new spirit of Greek hospitality by creating lucrative and sustainable jobs for Greeks while achieving a well-conceived, well-designed, and well-run experience for travelers.

What is a creative retreat like this designed to achieve?

  • Help an organization or an individual change strategic direction.
  • Generate new solutions for old problems or bad habits
  • Help people feel heard about issues that matter to them
  • Deal with sources of overt or buried conflict
  • Help people see things in new ways and envision new possibilities for themselves and the organization
  • Create a common frame of reference for past events and future expectations.
  • Contribute to creating a longer view, and focus on deeper, longer-term issues.
  • Inspire a commitment to change perceptions, attitudes, and behavior follow through after the participants return to work.

To create the conditions for that optimal experience, every creative retreat is custom made with the specific needs of the client.