Salóni Téchnis

Recreating Salóni Téchnis(Work in Progress)

This is your charging station for interdisciplinary recreativity. To think higher and feel deeper in the 21st century we must break free from the echo chambers by redefining realities. There is a place in the rising sun for everyone.

Hellenomania Comes to Life

I’m fond of fanatics, not the ones who present you with an absurd article of faith and who, holding a knife to your throat, scream at you “Sign or die,” but rather those who, deeply committed to some specific, innocent taste, hold it to be beyond compare, defend it with all their might, who go into street and household, not with a lance but with their syllogistic decree in hand, calling on everyone they meet either to embrace their absurd view or to avow that the charms of their Dulcinea surpass those of every other earthly creature.  People like his are droll; they amuse me, sometimes they astonish me.  When they’ve happened upon some truth, they advocate it with an energy that shatters and demolishes all before it.  Courting paradox, piling image upon image, exploiting all the resources of eloquence, figurative expressions, daring comparisons, turns of phrase, rhythmic devices, appealing to sentiment, imagination, attacking soul and sensibility from every conceivable angle, the spectacle of their efforts is always beautiful.
Denis Diderot

“One learns nothing when one reads him, but one becomes something.” Goethe

Redefining Realities Steve Vranakis

GovCity  Molly Cain

The Art of Accidentally Finding Yourself. By Molly Cain

Augmented Stories Dr. Helen Papagiannis

The Tradie Chick – Kiki Makrogiannis

The Isles of Greece- Byron

On Seeing the Elgin Marbles By John Keats


The Medici Effect Frans Johansson

Quill Intelligence Danielle DiMartino Booth

“Largely under the influence of Thomas Jefferson, himself an admirer of Greek democratic and Roman Republican principles, classicising parliamentary buildings were also built across the United States of America, with the greatest example being the Capitol in Washington, DC, for which construction began in 1793.”
Special thank you to ATHENA LEOUSSI.